Beginning of Cooperation

Formally speaking, the cooperation begins with opening a current account in ABLV Bank Luxembourg. We offer to our customers single-currency accounts in the following currencies:

  • Euro (EUR),
  • US dollars (USD),
  • Swiss francs (CHF),
  • British pounds (GBP),
  • Russian roubles (RUB).

Our cooperation, however, goes far beyond the opening of just a simple current account. Our core business is Active Investment Advisory and Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM).

When concluding an Active Investment Advisory agreement with the bank, the client receives the following services:

  • We offer to our clients investment advice
  • We monitor their portfolio
  • We observe the financial markets
  • We issue recommendations if and when needed.

Based on our recommendation the client takes the final decision and is at all times in control of his portfolio.

Besides Active Investment Advisory and DPM, we also offer brokerage services, fiduciary deposits and fiduciary loans. Clients of ABLV Bank Luxembourg S.A. have not only the opportunity to have access to financial instruments from the main developed markets (US, Europe, Japan, etc.) but we can also cover CIS countries. Since most of our clients are still active entrepreneurs, we also offer, out of Luxembourg, a very targeted range of corporate banking services. Within a limited framework (max. 20 payments per month) we also offer transactional accounts for legal entities.

For those clients that have been working with ABLV Bank, AS in Riga, it is more a continuation of cooperation as they now also have the possibility to receive a wide range of Private Wealth Management and Private Banking Services out of Luxembourg within ABLV Bank Luxembourg S.A.

If you are interested in the banking services of ABLV Bank Luxembourg S.A., we invite you to come and visit our office in Luxembourg and meet our Relationship managers or call them at +352 27 85 45 1.

Via ABLV Internetbank and with the assistance of our Relationship managers, our clients have full transparency and control over their banking and investment transactions.