ABLV Global EUR Stock Index Fund

Fund type Equity Fund
Fund manager ABLV Asset Management, Andrejs Piļka
Custodian bank ABLV Bank
Auditors KPMG Baltics
Inception date August 2007
Management fee 1.50% (p.a.)1
Investment certificates subscription fee 2.00%
Investment certificates redemption fee -
Minimum investment amount 1 000 EUR
ISIN LV0000400356
Nasdaq Riga code ABLGEUFR
Bloomberg ticker ABLVGSU LR
1 based on the net asset value

Investment policy

The stock fund's investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing fund's assets in ETF securities that replicate the structure of stock indices from different countries around the world.

Risk profile

The fund’s synthetic indicator represents the fund’s risk category on a scale from 1 to 7, based on the fund’s return volatility indicators.

The fund is included in 5th risk category in accordance with the fund’s return indicators over previous 5 years. The stated fund’s risk category cannot be guaranteed and may change in course of time.

Pay attention

The historic performance is no guarantee for the fund’s future performance. This material is informative and it cannot be regarded as a proposal or recommendation to purchase or sell fund’s investment certificates mentioned herein.