Legal and Tax Advice

The ability to help you to choose a proper legal or tax expert who will provide precise and cost-effective advice comes from the ABLV Bank Group’s years of experience and an extensive network of business partners. You can trust these specialists to get you advice you will use, and that will be good value for money.

With an extensive network of professional lawyers and accountants, either working at ABLV Corporate Services, SIA or whom with we have a long-standing business relationship, we are able to provide you with the right professional advice in most situations.

Asset Protection

How can you effectively protect the ownership of your assets world-wide from private and business risks? How can you establish and ensure the execution of wealth succession rules?

For instance, trusts and foundations can be effective tools in both asset protection and estate planning. These structures can sometimes be difficult to understand, so let us assist you in selecting specialists who will be able to answer all your questions.