Commercial Companies

Running an international business requires international knowledge and expertise. Owning assets in several countries results in the need to find experts who can help to understand and explain the tax and legal systems of different countries, often thousands of kilometers apart.

We can introduce you to such experts, who will in turn help you choose the best jurisdictions for your needs, making sure that you understand all of the requirements beforehand and get the service level you expect from professional service providers. Even if you do not immediately know what a SOPARFI, an SPF or an SPV stand for, those experts, from ABLV Corporate Services, SIA, or from business partners of the ABLV Group, will explain the advantages in clear language you will be able to understand.

Administrative Services

Whether you need the services of accountants, lawyers, or professional directors, we can help you by introducing you to the right persons.

Accountants, working at ABLV Corporate Services, SIA, or for business partners of the ABLV Group, are not only able to provide bookkeeping services, but can also engage in management accounting and payroll / administration of payments. Similarly, lawyers at ABLV Corporate Services, SIA, or with a long-standing business relationship with our Group can prepare agreements and provide due diligence on the documents received from counterparties. Coupled with a strong banking service from us, you are able to receive a fully packaged solution.