Winter changes in products and services

Riga, Latvia, January 30, 2017, 13:35 / Banking

ABLV offers several innovations in products and services. They include companies for investments in commercial properties and corporate finance advisory.

Investments for development of cities

Having gained the new name and business goals, a new ABLV group company for investments in commercial property, New Hanza Capital, AS, actively started its operations.

The company was founded in 2006 for managing Elizabetes Park House real estate development project. In 2015, it gained new business goals: to invest its own funds and the funds of third parties in commercial property ensuring a long-term increase of capital, to increase rental incomes and property value in the long-term. Further, at the end of 2016, the company gained a new name, New Hanza Capital, AS.

New Hanza Capital, AS aims at creating a long-term commercial property portfolio and collaborating with a team of professionals for its management. The company acquires commercial properties with obvious value growth potential located in the cities with clear prospects for further economic development.

Among current target cities for investments, there are Riga, Munich, Hamburg and Luxembourg; however, the company looks into the possibility to invest in other cities as well. The company also considers offering management of third parties’ funds in the future.

In January this year, New Hanza Capital, AS concluded another development stage by introducing its new brand. The graphic logo — a stylised wall — is the symbol of stability of the company and investment reliability. A castellation wall hints at the Hanseatic League, mentioned in the name of the company. The company has chosen its main domain name as its abbreviation with the extension of new generation,

For the implementation of its business goals, the company plans to raise additional funding also outside of ABLV group, including by considering the option of public bond and stock issues.

Corporate finance advisory

ABLV group has substantial experience in providing various services to our corporate clients, including advice on business structuring, advising on and arrangement of bond issues, as well as other similar services requiring involvement of highly qualified experts in the field.

To expand the range of professional advisory services, a new company was added to ABLV group — ABLV Corporate Finance, SIA, which offer professional assistance with preparation for and arranging additional debt or equity financing, advice on M&A transactions, divestures and business valuation.