VISA payment cards and other summer innovations

Riga, Latvia, June 3, 2016, 14:21 / Banking

VISA Gold and VISA Gold Business payment cards, accounting services in new jurisdictions, residence permits and change of tax residency — these are the main aims of product and service innovations, which have been implemented for our clients’ convenience.

1. VISA Gold and VISA Gold Business cards

As we informed earlier, in summer 2015 ABLV Bank Luxembourg obtained VISA Associate Membership status, and currently the bank has begun issueing VISA Gold and VISA Gold Business payment cards to the clients. Design and technology of cards is developed likewise those of ABLV Bank payment cards in Latvia.

Following the latest global trends in the payment card area, we implement contactless authorization in our payment cards. ABLV Bank Luxembourg cards enable making the payments not just according to the known procedure of using the card’s chip or magnetic stripe but also by waving the card in front of a reader. Moreover, in case of small amounts there is no need to enter a PIN.

Round-the-clock Client Line provides telephone support to the cardholders.

2. Accounting services for companies in several jurisdictions

Expanding the range of its offer, ABLV Corporate Services, which is a part of ABLV group, offers accounting services to companies in eight jurisdictions.

We render accounting services in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ensuring transparency, quality, and international comparability of financial statements, thus providing the opportunity for the companies to raise financial resources from a wide range of investors.

3. Residence permits and change of tax residency

ABLV Corporate Services made another innovation for clients of ABLV group. Henceforth, we will provide advice on obtaining citizenship and residence permits of the United Arab Emirates as well. As it is known, so far the advice on this matter has been provided with regard to Latvia, UK, and Malta.

In addition to other advantages, residence permits provide the opportunity to change the tax residency, obtain tax benefits, enable free travel and issuance of documents for family members as well.