ABLV Bank Luxembourg new products and services

Riga, Latvia, September 17, 2013, 10:40 / Banking

Fiduciary and overnight deposits, advisory investment management, likewise convenient and intuitive Internetbank, high ABLV customer service level, and traditions of biggest European investment centre — these are the major advantages of our new products and services.

1. Current account — the basis for rendering all services

The cooperation begins with opening a current account in ABLV Bank Luxembourg. We offer to our customers single-currency accounts in the following currencies:

  • euro (EUR),
  • US dollars (USD),
  • Swiss francs (CHF),
  • British pounds (GBP),
  • Russian roubles (RUB).

2. Deposits for traditional savings

Our customers can place deposits in euro and US dollars for three, six, or twelve months, and interest will be paid at the end of the term.

3. Fiduciary overnight deposits for customers of ABLV Bank

Considering the customers’ demand and our possibilities, this autumn we will offer the customers fiduciary overnight deposits. This service will be interesting for customers wishing to gain income from free funds, which are held with ABLV Bank, AS, in Riga, at the end of each working day, while the funds will be available already next morning.

4. Fiduciary deposits — unique opportunity of placing term deposits with CIS banks

This product allows customers to place deposits with other banks in the name of the bank, and the opportunity to place term deposits with CIS banks makes this product unique. Under our offer it will be possible to benefit from higher interest rates when investing in known region and to keep investments confidential.

5. Fiduciary loans for direct lending to third parties

This autumn, our customers will have the possibility to lend funds in the name of the bank to a particular individual or legal entity, giving instructions regarding the loan details (borrower, amount, interest rate, payment schedule, etc.).

6. Securities custody and brokerage services for customers’ investments

A complete range of investment services is impossible without securities custody and brokerage services. Our customers will have the same opportunities as those provided to ABLV Bank customers in Riga, as well as access to wide range of external funds and analytical reporting.

Moreover, we have the status of Qualified Intermediary, which is especially beneficial for customers willing to trade securities issued in the USA and to have high dividend and coupon yield.

7. Active Investment Advisory

Our new product — Active Investment Advisory is characterized by three features: timeliness, practicability, and quality.

Using Active Investment Advisory, which will be available in autumn, the customer always can receive timely advice on investment management — under both purchase and sale of financial instruments, and there will be a proposal on making particular transactions prepared based on a thorough analysis.

Active Investment Advisory allows the customer to make own decisions on the basis of professional advice, thus combining the possibility to control the investments with professional experience and knowledge.

8. Highest level of customer data security and convenient Internetbank

To protect customer data, we have performed all preparatory works aimed at complying with both the requirements of the Luxembourg banking sector regulatory authority and our own requirements. All information systems containing customer information are carefully protected in terms of both virtual environment and physical conditions.

For our work banking system T24 (TEMENOS, Switzerland) is used, as well as our convenient Internetbank with rich functionality. By using our Internetbank customers can perform various account transactions, receive up-to-date information on payments made and received, on card transactions, obligations under the loan, investment portfolio, etc.

Internetbank will be as much similar to that in ABLV Bank, however there will be the following differences:

  • two-factor authorization will be required to log in (password and digipass code);
  • we offer only Digipass as authorization tool;
  • for the sake of confidentiality, the interface contains no customer name — only code;
  • section ‘Fiduciary Transactions’ will be available soon;
  • Internetbank is available in two languages — Russian and English.

You can obtain more detailed information about our products and services at the bank’s homepage section “Services”.

Ilmārs Jargans
Head of Public Relations Department
+371 6777 5296