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Ownership: The Bank is the owner of this Website.


  • The informational Internet site is hosted by ABLV Bank, AS.
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This Website is both an informational Internet site and an e-banking Internet site.

The information displayed on this Website is meant to provide a broad overview of the Bank’s offer of products and services for discussion and/or information purposes.

Accordingly, the information displayed on this Website does not constitute an offer or solicitation in respect of the products and services of the Bank as a credit institution, such as deposits, investments and loans; in particular, no information about financial instruments constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell or hold such financial instruments.

Furthermore, the information displayed on this Website was not prepared with the intention of providing legal or tax advice.

Statements made on this Website are subject to the provisions of any ‘Discretionary Portfolio Management Agreement’, ‘Fiduciary Agreement’, ‘Investment Advice Agreement’ or ‘Loan Agreement’ that may have been, or will be, concluded.

In particular, prospective clients should refer to the ‘General Terms of Business’ and the ‘General Document of Information’ of the Bank for detailed information about its rates and charges.

Intellectual property

This Website, along with all its components and features (thus including, but not limited to, content, logos, pictures, etc.), is protected by the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in respect of intellectual property.

This Webiste is the sole property of the Bank, with the exception of components and features whose property is expressly attributed to third parties, such as ABLV Bank, AS

The reproduction, in whole or part, the transmission, by electronic means or otherwise, the modification, the display, the redelivery, the licensing, the linkage or otherwise use of this Website for any public or commercial purpose without the express authorisation of the Bank is prohibited and will constitute a breach of intellectual property.

Links to other Internet sites

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The Bank does not accept, under any circumstances, any responsibility for the content of other websites accessible via hypertext links from this Website.


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By continuing to navigate on the Bank’s Website without adjusting their browser settings, users agree that the Bank can put essential and non-essential cookies in place.

Data protection/Privacy

The attention of users of this Website is drawn to the fact that the Bank may, for identification and other purposes, process and record data regarding such users in accordance with the provisions of the Law of August 2nd, 2002 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

In addition, users are hereby made aware that they will have the right to have access to the data as processed and recorded by the Bank, as well as the right to request that changes be made to such data, and also the right to request that such data be erased.
Such rights may be exercised upon request in writing sent to the Bank.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Website, as well as all transactions pertaining to it, is governed by the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, and in particular the Law of August 14th, 2000 on electronic commerce.

By visiting the site, non-residents of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg formally accept the full application of the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, without reservation.

The courts of Luxembourg have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any litigation that may arise between the Bank and the users of this Website.