Theft of Identification and Authorization Tools

It is important to remember that a Digipass device or Internetbank user ID and password can be stolen.

Our recommendations

  • Store the authorization and identification tools in a secure place not accessible to fraudsters and do not use those tools when other people can see it.
  • If you have suspicions regarding any transaction, letter, e-mail, or phone call, always contact us to make sure those are true ones.
  • Use the Internetbank in secure places — try not to connect to the Internetbank using computers of other persons or those located in public places (internet cafes, airports, hotels, etc.), or using public Wi-Fi access, since it facilitates interception of your confidential information (including password and other identification and authorization data) by fraudsters.
  • After you finish using the Internetbank, obligatorily press the Logout button and close the browser.
  • Set individual user accounts and passwords for each person using the PC.
  • Use screensaver when you are away. Lock the keyboard when leaving the PC.
  • Use automatic keyboard locking: