We offer the most highly valued private banking experience, based on a unique understanding of our clients.

Our mission

Ernests Bernis

ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A.,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our mission is to preserve and increase your capital, providing financial and advisory services necessary for achieving this aim.

Our promise

Oļegs Fiļs

ABLV Bank, AS,
Chairman of the Council

We are compelled by an intuitive understanding of your needs, a shared entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to exceed your expectations.

Our values

Vadims Reinfelds

ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A.,
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


We listen attentively and respond intelligently. We are always ready for a change. We don’t rest, we act.


We know what’s important to our customers. We understand peculiarities of their business, law and culture of their countries, and offer tailored solutions.


We work to bring success to our customers. Our key target is to be useful for our customers.

Our mark

Our mark is jewel