Our Officers

ABLV officers are our major value. An officer of our bank is self-confident, professional and responsive colleague, open to new ideas. We know both how to work efficiently and have leisure time together. Our officers are keen on engaging in various activities — they travel, make photographs, go in for sports, are interested in collecting, and study.


Our officers are ambitious enough to respond to the challenges offered by the bank and continue building their career exactly in our bank. We have our stories of success, which we are proud of. Those are possible only due to mutual cooperation between the bank and the officer — because one of them trusts, and the other dares.


Money is necessary for officers to make all their dreams and intentions come true. We ensure stable salary for our officers. We are proud of our incentive schemes, which are based on performance and thus are very efficient and motivating.


Development is impossible without continuous investments in improving professional competence. We thoroughly evaluate proposed training opportunities, looking for those best suitable for achieving the targets set by the bank. To increase professional competences, our colleagues participated in courses and seminars in Switzerland, Russia, Arab Emirates, Germany, France, USA, Belgium, England, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong, and Czech Republic.