ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A., is a part of ABLV Group which includes ABLV Bank, AS, and more than 20 affiliate companies.

Most significant business lines of ABLV Group are banking, investments and advisory.

ABLV Group has 10 representative offices abroad.

  • Shareholders

    ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A., is 100% owned by ABLV Bank, AS. ABLV Bank major shareholders are Oļegs Fiļs, Ernests Bernis and Nika Berne. They hold 86% of the bank’s share capital. More information about shareholders.

  • Management Team

    ABLV Bank Luxembourg is lead by Executive committee with 2 executive officers who coordinate core areas of the bank’s operations. Thus direct control of operations is ensured, as well as fast decision-making and their implementation. More information about management team and organizational structure.

  • Private Bankers

    In ABLV, you are provided services by highly professional experienced private bankers, and they engage other bank’s specialists as necessary.